Haake Safety Mat and safety mat fixation bar

A special evaluator is not required, since the contact mat or safety mat fixation bar is composed of electro-mechanical break contacts, the signal of which can im-mediately be further processed. In addition to cost saving, any expensive connection and wiring actions are unnecessary. Valuable space is won on the crowded control panel. Further, of course, a not existing device cannot go defective.
Actuation will commence at low actuating forces and after a very short response travel, providing a fast response time. The full remaining height of the rubber profile is available as an over-travel. In particular with regard to the prevention of injuries, large over-travels are of enormous importance for a safety sensitive edge.

Indoors, the use of devices having glued end caps does not present any problems. Safety edges will here often be exposed to aggressive environments, such as oils, cooling agents etc. Water will however rarely occur in substantial amounts. Further, extreme temperatures, ozone and u.v. radiation will seldom be found in high concentrations.

Our safety mat and safety mat fixation bar meet the requirements of category 3 of EN 954-1 - even the sen-sor part. Double-channel design or redundancy is not necessary for this safety mat fixation bar - system, since the failure mode analysis made by BG has shown: a single fault does not lead to a loss of the safety function. This permits a simple construction of the system.

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safety mat fixation bar